A half-orc Monk struggling to control his raging blood


20 years ago at a small monastery lost in a shrouded valley a young child was found abandoned in the nearby forests. The young boy was clearly not human, he appeared to be more bestial with large lower canines and dark skin a far cry from the nearly all pale human monks and people of a nearby village. However the monks were worshipers of Pelor, Erathis, and Bahamut they adopted the boy and raised him in the monastery.

The boy quickly grew strong and fast thanks to the training the monks went through everyday, though he was less than enthusiastic about learning the teachings of Bahamut, Pelor, and Erathis. When the monastery found it self the target of an Orc raid, the boy, now named Mikael by the monks, saved the head monk after he was attacked by a vicious Orc chieftain. After that Mikael became the favored son of the heard monk. The head monk began personally training Mikael in the hidden techniques of the monastery.

However the head monk was blind to the growing rage and anger in Mikael, Mikael used his superior speed and skill to bully the weaker children, and in battle he seemed to be possessed of a rage and ferocity that he seemed to forget himself. One night in a sparring match against the old head monk Mikael unleashed his inner wrath and struck the old man a mortal boy and he died before reached the mat.


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